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Writings > Dragavan's Den (closed) > 1: Obligatory First Blog
1: Obligatory First Blog
Published by Dragavan on 2007/7/26 (7189 reads)
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Welcome to My Den

The Obligatory First "Welcome" Post

It's been about ten months since I started this site, originally set up as a central place for my gaming group to share information outside of game. I had planned on eventually setting up a LoK site for my game, but I wanted to be closer to publishing before I did that. In this case the need of my group moved things ahead faster than planned. Doing things for the site (most of which only my gaming group has yet seen) has also changed my plans for the future of my game as well.

Many ideas have come into my mind as I filled the needs of my group and a few of them have been moved forward into the active projects stage. With a year of activity on this site approaching I thought I might want to start a blog to talk about these ideas, what I am doing or planning to do with the site, and general thoughts on gaming as they hit me. I had written a couple essays on the subject last year, but I am not going move them over here (although they may be revisited later). Instead I will start anew.

This first entry will be what you expect it to be: A quick welcome, introduction of myself, and my pans here. This is what you have come to expect out there in the blogosphere (if that is even a real word), so that new people won't be lost when they come across this. That, of course, completely depends on them going back to the start of the blog (even after years of posting) and reading this first post. If you are one of those, I am impressed. Welcome. Thanks for taking the time. I have nothing to say to the rest, since they won't be reading this anyway.

My name is Dragavan and I am just another gamer with all sorts of ideas and opinions. I didn't want to see my ideas languish in the void of my notebook, only to be seen by a select few of my friends, so I decided to do something with them. The Land of Karn was the first of these such things that I planned to work to not only a usable level, but a publishable level. This site will grow and show you the progress this process has had.

The Land of Karn was not my only idea and while this site slowly grew from just being a place for my players (the Travelers of Karn) to communicate, another one forced its way to the front. Within days the idea grew into a playable game for testing. Within weeks it grew from that into a fully playable game. Within a couple months it was done and Lootin' Wizards (see that nifty link off to the side?) was out there for sale through RPGNow. Soon to be followed by an expansion and eventually another.

In the meantime, this site slowly kept growing and expanding in what I was using it for. The simple forum for my players became just a part of a larger set of ideas. I started posting comics, stories, and even creating the Basic Rules for the game as simple text entries for visitors (later adding downloadable PDF versions). But these were just all the things that the average visitors could see. There was more going on behind the scenes.

The Complete and Expanded Rules for the Land of Karn FRPG are slowly being converted into a huge interlinked Wiki (right along the side to the PDF and Print versions). The Travelers of Karn have had access to the work in progress and have been using it for character creation and reference over the last two long games I have run. Eventually it will be finished and access to it will be sold along side the other two forms (exact details or costs have not been determined yet, but a free account will be given with every PDF book purchased).

Currently the Character Creation, General Activity, and Skills (use and description) sections have been completely built. As of this writing Combat is about half way finished, to be followed with Magic, Psionics, and the rest. Further updates may be mentioned in the blog, but most of the time that will be left for the announcements section.

Once the Full Rules Wiki is far enough long I also plan on doing a FREE Basic Rules Wiki for the general public that will look and work the same, but only include the information for the basic rules. Spell Creation, special schools, Psionics, and deep world information will not be included in this Basic version, but everything you need to play will be there.

As future issues of Dragavan's Den come out I won't just be talking about my creations. I plan to just ramble on about different subjects that come to mind, mostly related to gaming in general. Some of them will be serious and other will be for fun. Some will be helpful and others might not even make sense. They will just all be things that have been on my mind.

All I ask from you, as the readers, is for comments when something strikes you. These can be done through the comment system below (sorry, non-members have to have them approved before they show), by joining our forums, or by emailing me directly at my name @ this site. I hope you like what is to come, but for now you might want to leave the cave because this dragon is getting hungry.

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