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Web Comics and Humor > Other Knights: Travelers of Karn > Blood Druids all over Again
Blood Druids all over Again
Published by Dragavan on 2007/2/19 (7140 reads)
Land of Karn Logo     By: Dragavan
Blood Druids all over Again
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Some may ask where the title comes from. I could lie and say it's a long story, but it's really not. Back when the real Travelers of Karn were playing Palladium games (Fantasy, with some RIFTS mixed in) there was a way too overpowered OCC called the "Blood Druid" (so overpowered that the book even says that the GM should never allow any player to play one ever, yet they included the full rules for that to happen).

The first thing that would be asked before any new adventure started was "Can I be a Blood Druid?" At first it was a serious question (when the players found it in the back of that book), but eventually became a running joke that was soon followed with them going down the list of overpowered OCCs and RCCs. Asking if they could be each one on the list. This comic is the Land of Karn version of that list, following the "Vampire Dragon" (the Blood Druid of LoK) from the last comic.

As for game information in this comic, all of it is true. The Kalbash are also called Rock Trolls and do live in the mountains and high hills to the east of the Senton Region. They are seen as savage beasts by most of the "civilized" kingdoms of the lowlands, which does include the Senton Kingdom. Rowgrran, although most common in the Argrow Empire to the east along the southern coast, are a large wolf like race that has larger numbers and is more accepted in the Senton region.

Other Knights: Travelers of Karn is copyright 2007 to Dragavan
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