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Downloadable PDFs
Published by Dragavan on 2006/12/27 (7161 reads)
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Basic Version

Downloadable PDFs

These are a set of "Quick and Dirty" PDFs for each of the sections of the basic game. They were created as just quick conversions of what appears on the website here and not as fully laid out print versions in their own right. At some point I will be putting together a full versions of the basic rules (complete with graphics, chart borders, and careful layout), but I was asked to get something printable up sooner than that.

What follows is the result of a couple days worth of quick conversions. Feel free to download and use them for your own play and enjoyment, but they are not for reposting or sale through any other means.

Basic Rules PDFs
Introduction To The Land of Karn
Character Creation Overview
Complete Character Creation
Basic Game Mechanics: Handling Skills
Basic Game Mechanics: Attributes
Basic Game Mechanics: Hit Points & Damage
Skills & Skill Groups
Skill & Skill Group Descriptions
Social Conflict & Stress
Combat Skills
World Overview: The Basics of Karn

The Land of Karn: Fantasy Role-Playing Game Basic Version 0.3.5
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