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CS3: Expanded Combat Sheet
Published by Dragavan on 2006/11/20 (7272 reads)
LoK Expanded Combat Sheet (CS3)

This is an optional sheet that is often used by players who make combat heavy characters, since the sheet expands the small combat section on the main page a full sheet of its own. This is really not useful until the character trains in more than just the Basic Combat skill group and delves deep into the full combat section of skills. Use of any of these pages is completely up to the players and not required to play the game (as a standard sheet of blank paper can work just fine).

PDF Link: LoK Expanded Combat Sheet (CS3)
Right Click (or ctr-click in MacOS) to save this linked file.

This sheet is broken into several sections to more easily contain and organize your character's combat information. Each section is briefly described here to help aid your use of the sheet (although it's rather self explanatory for the most part). If this is used, cross out the combat section of your character's main so it doesn't get confusing for anyone. If there are any questions feel free to join our forums and ask.

Basic Combat Information
The top left two columns are mostly for the basic combat information. This includes a replacement of the character's Hit Points listing from the main page, so it will be with the rest of the combat information. Some basic combat information (like dominant hand and basic damage information) is also listed here.

All standard combat bonuses have places to be listed here and then there is a series of lines for new combat skills below them. These lines (which continue into the second column) are for all the special non-percentage combat skills and any bonuses or special notes they may have. Combat related skill groups can also be listed here, but that can also be seen as a waste of space (I tend to keep them listed with my skill groups on the skill page).

Combat Percentage Skills
Below the two basic combat columns on the left is this section for percentage skills. This works exactly like the section for percentage skills on the main skill sheet or the Extended Skill sheet, but is included here only for combat related percentage skills. For the most part this should just be a list of kicks they know, but there are exceptions and other skills that could go here.

Weapon Skills
The right column, starting at the top, is a long list of places for weapon skills. Weapon skills have their own set of lines, with several pieces of information for each one. This is because weapon skills are actually a number of different little skills and bonuses that all relate to the same weapon skill.

Armor, Weapons, and Equipment
Below the all these sections are the places for you to list your characters clothing, armor, weapons, and some related equipment. This isn't a place for all your character's other belonging (there is a sheet just for keeping track of all belongings or you can just use a spare piece of paper), just a place for weapons, armor, clothing worn, and other combat related equipment.

The armor/clothing listings can look kind of complicated, but they are shown on the character sheet exactly as they are listed in the equipment lists. I am not going to explain what it all means here, but they can be written down exactly as they are on the lists. Some people like to have a "combat ready" set of armor they list on this page and a "daily wear" set of clothing they list on the main page, but there is no required way to do it.

Lastly, there is a place on the page for a lot of other combat related note of any kind.

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