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CS1: Main Character Sheet (Standard)
Published by Dragavan on 2006/11/20 (7390 reads)
LoK Main Character Sheet (CS1)

This is the generic basic version of the Main Character Sheet for the Land of Karn Fantasy Role-Playing Game. For the average basic character this is all you need to keep a record of all their information. Other pages (usually the Extended Skill Sheet) may be used to hold information that was too extensive or long for the main page or that goes deeper into things. Use of any of these pages is completely up to the players and not required to play the game (as a standard sheet of blank paper can work just fine).

PDF Link: LoK Main Character Sheet (CS1)
Right Click (or ctr-click in MacOS) to save this linked file.

This sheet is broken into several sections to more easily contain and organize your character's information. Each section is briefly described here to help aid your use of the sheet (although it's rather self explanatory for the most part). If there are any questions feel free to join our forums and ask.

One thing that is mentioned several places on the sheet that may require a quick description is the use of "Maximum/Current" for certain thing. This is usually used for Hit Points and MEP, but does have other uses. These are things that often change through game play (up and down) but it is important to remember what the original maximum was.

The "Maximum" listing for these rarely changes and is the character's natural current maximum for that listing. This does not mean the character potential maximum based on their stats or race, just their current maximum possible through all the skills or bonuses they have. In the case of HP, this is the normal fully healthy state of the character (without any damage done to them).

The "Current" listing changes often (like every time damage is taken or the energy points are used), but doesn't affect the maximum listing for the character. This can (through magic or other means) actually go above the maximum listing for some of them, but this is rare and often drops back down rather quickly.

Basic Character Information
In the upper left hand corner there is this small box that contains all the basic status and general information for the character. This is where the character's main nickname and real name go, as well as their race and current social class (which doesn't have to match the one they were born into). Ties they have to a religion, lord, and occupation also all have places to be listed here. Finally, this is where you keep track of their MEP and skill points for both normal and combat skills.

In the upper middle section of sheet is the box where the ten attributes are listed. Some are confused by the fact that there are three different lines per attribute, but they do have different uses because of certain skills and abilities. In the end they are relatively easy to understand once the short names listed above each column is explained.

Natural: This is the number that is achieved during character creation as the total representation of the base character's attributes. This includes any changes caused by the race selection (or other background effects they may have taken, like old injuries). This number will almost never change (except in the case of permanent crippling injuries).

Natural Bonus: If something naturally temporarily changes the attribute, like certain skills (Conditioning, Running, etc.) or affects of injuries and wounds, they are listed here as modifiers to the Natural attribute.

Magic Bonus: If some magical spell or other magical affect is used to change an attribute (temporarily or permanently), they are listed here as modifiers to the Natural attribute.

When an attribute number is needed for a skill base, Attribute Check, or any other reason, the player has to take the Natural number and factor in the changes caused by any bonuses from the other two columns. So, if they have a SPD of 49, took running to get a +3, had an injury for the next week that caused a -5, and was magically enhanced by a spell that increased it by +10, they would use the final attribute of 57.

Skill Listings
Below the two sections already listed is the skill listing section. This is where all the character's skills and skill groups will be listed (except for specific ones that belong elsewhere, like combat skills). Groups are kept track of so the general areas of study and overall knowledge are known and remembered. The percentage skills take of the rest of the space here, each being listed on a line. Each skill line has several parts that can be used to keep game play flowing without needing to constantly erase and rewrite (which also saves on paper wear).

The first line is simply for the name of the skill and never changes.

The second part is for the last listed skill level of the skill (the percentage generally rolled against), even if above 100. This can be changed every time the character learns from the skill (see the skill rules), but the next section can be used to help keep down the number of times this is erased and rewritten down.

The next part is a series of small check boxes stacked into clumps of 5. These are a way to keep track of your character's recent skill learning without having to change the actual number on the sheet too often. Each time a character earns a skill point from learning (see the skill rules) they simply can fill in one of the check boxes. When they go to make a skill roll they can then quickly add these bonuses to the listed skill number before they roll (since they are now part of the skill). After they have a number of them and decide it's time, they can then count them up, add them to the skill number (erasing and replacing the old one), and then erase all the filled in boxes to start over. This is not necessary, but a convenient option added after my group asked for it.

The last section is a line to list all sub-skills or perhaps some other notes you want to make about the skill. Some people list MEP costs of spells (which are listed like skills). It can also be left blank and not used (if there are no sub-skills).

Combat Information
Most of the right column, starting at the top, is for combat skills and information. This even includes the character's Hit Points and some basic standard information all characters have that tend to be combat related (but may have other uses). All standard combat bonuses have places to be listed here and then there is a series of lines for new combat skills (and any bonuses or damage ratings they may have).

Weapon skills have their own set of lines at the bottom of the section, with several pieces of information for each one. This is because weapon skills are actually a number of different little skills and bonuses that all relate to the same weapon skill.

Armor, Weapons, and Equipment
Below the skill and combat sections are the places for you to list your characters clothing, armor, weapons, and some related equipment. There isn't a lot of room for other equipment on this main page, but there is a sheet just for keeping track of all belongings or you can just use a spare piece of paper (or even the back of the sheet).

The armor/clothing listings can look kind of complicated, but they are shown on the character sheet exactly as they are listed in the equipment lists. I am not going to explain what it all means here, but they can be written down exactly as they are on the lists.

Personal Character Information
The bottom row of sections on the character sheet is where the personal information about the character and their personality is listed. Some general family and appearance information is in the left section. General personality traits that were determined during Step 8 of Character Creation (like their likes and dislikes) are placed in the center section. The Personal Belief Structure (which was also created in Step 8), containing their moral beliefs, fills up the right section.

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