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Writings > Stories and Fiction > Introduction Stories: A Spy's Log
Introduction Stories: A Spy's Log
Published by Dragavan on 2006/11/5 (7256 reads)
This is one of a collection of short stories that are used in the introduction of the main book to help describe the scope of what can be done in Land of Karn: Fantasy Role-Playing Game. They were not designed as whole stories, but snippets to be used as examples of different kinds of styles and themes you can include in your games using the LoK rules.

A Spy's Log
A few years ago a number of spies were sent into the Argrow Empire to see what was going on in there. The following are some listings from the log of one of them.

This is my last night in civilized land for a while and Fort Algar is as nice as any fort I've been to. The ale is cold, the beds are warm, and people are military. Two out of three ain't bad. Tomorrow I start my mission, heading north into the foothills and then into the wilds of the Empire. This may be the last time I see good Human cooking for months.

I am definitely over the border now and out of the disputed area. So far I have not see any Rowgrran, but the mountain trails are difficult enough without having to worry about them. I did, however, find the remnants of one of the previous scouts campsites today. He even had some firewood placed aside in the underbrush. Saved me a lot of work and gave me time to write this.

Saw my first patrols today. Two sets of Argrow troops heading south on some kind of training mission. I stayed hidden in the brush of this low hill to observe them. They are camped a couple miles south of me this evening since I can see the smoke of their fires. Due to this I can't have a fire tonight, so it's going to be a cold one for me.

Been traveling up river still to avoid the scent trackers of these patrols. Found a small village today, about a mile back from where I camped, and snagged myself some rabbit that was being dried. I was not seen, but a Rowgrran cub almost picked up my scent. Stupid me. I should never have tried to get into the smoke house.

There was some kind of trouble in the village I was at yesterday. I heard fighting from a distance and saw the smoke of something large burning. Tomorrow I will go back to check it out. I hope this has nothing to do with my intrusion yesterday.

I scouted the village and it has not been hit as bad as I thought. Only a couple of the huts on the edge of the village were burned and most of the villagers are fine. Listening to them I learned there was a skirmish between one of those patrols and some outlaws or renegades of some kind. They used a word for them I am not familiar with. It sounded like "Rebik" in their tongue. Some of the villagers even seem to be on the side of these "Rebik," but are not willing to speak out openly on their behalf. I think this needs to be looked into further, so I am going to try and follow these "Rebik" and see what I can learn.

This group of "Rebik" seems to be part of a larger force of some kind. They are organizing in the south somewhere and seem to be trying to recruit new people at every village they come to. The group I am following is a good thirty Rowgrran strong and well armed as well. They are leaving the path of the river so I am going to have to follow from a farther distance now. Damn dogs and their sensitive noses.

I've finally learned what "Rebik" means. They are a type of revolutionary or freedom fighter that believe in returning to the old ways of conquest. Apparently this groups isn't happy with the diplomatic and international trade style of ruling the current Emperor is leading them with. They wan to bring back the old days of the conquerors that they believe made them grow strong. Luckily they seem small and no match for the military.

We've reached the coast and what seems to be the main camp for the rest of the revolutionaries. They look strong, but there are only about a thousand of them right now. They do, however, have a couple of nice ships, so capturing hem may be more difficult than the military is expecting. I foresee some nasty battle at the beginning for both sides, but the government should not have too much trouble with them once they take them as a serious threat.

It appears the rest of the recruiting parties have returned. They are readying to move again. I've had time to get a better count and there are about 1,150 men, woman, and cubs in this army, with about half of them being combat ready warriors. Still, this is no real match for the Argrow military, but I sense there is something more here. So I am going to try and stow away on one of their supply ships when they move to see where they are going.

The finally arrived at its destination today and we are in serious trouble. This group of a thousand or so members was just one small arm of this revolutionary force. We are in a city and it is in full support of the group, and the others that seem to be arriving here every day. The leader of them appears to live here and is going to give a speech in a couple days.

There are thousands of soldiers alone in this city and all of them are part of this revolutionary force. This is just the battle ready soldiers I count, not the women and cubs that support them. This is going to be one ugly battle when the Imperial forces get involved. I can't wait to hear their leaders speech.

We are definitely going to have trouble here. This is apparently only one clan of those unhappy with the current Emperor. The speech was heated and powerful. I almost believed in him. They are talking about organizing the clans and breaking off from the Empire. Then, the new government will wage war on the Argrow Empire to overthrow it. Civil War is coming and there is nothing we can do to stop it. If this side wins, however, they will attempt to push our borders and conquer their neighbors, like they did in the old days. I suggest we do what we can to support the north and the rightful Emperor in this struggle.

Unfortunately this log was not seen for years since the author was captured by the clan only days later and placed in a prison camp. Luckily he hid is log before hand and was able to retrieve it when he was freed from the camp by friendlies. He is now retired and lives a quiet life in Senton somewhere.
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