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Writings > Stories and Fiction > Introduction Stories: A Letter From The War
Introduction Stories: A Letter From The War
Published by Dragavan on 2006/11/5 (7159 reads)
This is one of a collection of short stories that are used in the introduction of the main book to help describe the scope of what can be done in Land of Karn: Fantasy Role-Playing Game. They were not designed as whole stories, but snippets to be used as examples of different kinds of styles and themes you can include in your games using the LoK rules.

A Letter From The War
The following letter was found mixed in with the belongings of a Marjorie Tanreeth, who died twenty-four years ago. It is a letter from her husband, who was away in the Senton-Vinto war at the time.

Dearest Marjorie,
It's been two seasons since we laid siege on their camp at Zenoonia and won. Things have gone badly since then and we have been pushed back almost half way to Fort Zandar. We haven't lost our spirits though and Sir Althea refuses to give up, so I know we are going to win. With people like this and General Bluestone on our side there is no way we can lose. It will just take time.

As for me, I am still not used to the noise. Between the clanging of metal in the smiths huts, shouting of orders, rustling of armors, and nightly magic assaults flying overhead there is never a moment of silence. I miss the quiet of the farm back home, and I miss you. I can't believe it's only been three years since I left for this war, it seems like a lifetime ago. I can't wait to come home and hold you in my arms again. When I do I will never let you go.

I hope my family is taking good care of you. I know you never got along with them too well, but they promised to treat you like their own daughter in my absence. I wish I could say the same for the community, but they never approved of my marriage to you. I barely got my fathers blessing, but the local Frenal Council was just out of the question. They have never approved of any member marrying a Human, even for love. But they should not be too hard on you, for a few months at least, since they also all know what happened to your father and no one should be harassed so soon after that tragedy.

Tomorrow Sir Althea is taking us on another push back towards their camp at Zenoonia. I think we have a real good chance to take it and keep it this time. We have hundreds of other platoons going as well and it should be one hell of a sight. Unfortunately I can't write again until this siege is over, so it may be a while before you hear from me again. Until then know I am keeping you in my thoughts and your lock of hair still rests against my heart. I'll write again as soon as I can and I'll be home soon after.

With all my love,

This was the last letter ever received from Mareth of the family Edelseen. He was lost in the third siege of Zenoonia near the end of the Senton-Vinto War.
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