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Basic Map of the Land of Karn
Published by Dragavan on 2006/10/20 (9512 reads)
LoK World Map Has Been Added
World Map
The basic map of Karn has been redone, fancified (is that a word of just something I heard in Firefly?), and made ready for the web. What came of it was far better than what I expected.

This is the basic world map as made by some mapmaker in Karn with great knowledge of the world. This is not a completely accurate (and obviously not to scale) image of the world. This is the kind of world map one from Karn might see when they go to the cartographers and ask for a basic map of the world. Players can use this as a reference and enjoy the look. Game Master maps will be far more technical and detailed, but not nearly as pretty to look at.

What you see above is the small page-blended version of the whole thing. If you right click (ctr-click on the Mac) on the link below you can choose to download the full version of it (which is too large to clearly see in a browser window at full resolution). Be warned though, the full color one is well over 3 and a half megabytes (even in its compressed color depth).

Large Land of Karn Map - Full Color (3.7MB)
Large Land of Karn Map - Sepia Tone Parchment (2.8MB)
Large Land of Karn Map - Grayscale (1.0MB)

These Maps do not include any names on them to sully the look. They are simply graphic maps to show the general layout of Karn. If you want to know what the major areas and locations on the map are, look at the small map below this paragraph. It lists the names of the cities that appear on this map, the names of the major kingdoms and areas, and the names of the major oceans and seas.
World Map With Names
These maps are copyright Dragavan and Dragavan Games, so reproductions or posting to any other site (even as a direct link), printing, or otherwise distributing this art for any reason is strictly prohibited. Printing them for your own home game use is allowed as long as it is not to be sold, shared, or used outside of your personal game or home. Linking to the site (including this page) is allowed, just don't link directly to the images. - Thank you.

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