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And so it begins...
Published by Dragavan on 2006/10/14 (7250 reads)
Land of Karn Logo     By: Dragavan
And so it begins...
Image of The Comic

The setting information in this comic is made up for the comic (so I don't have to keep character names in the world the same), but it is loosely based on Howling Bluff and the man who runs it, Duke Ravendorn. As for the Vampire Dragon, it is potentially the most physically powerful thing that can exist in the game (according to the main rules) without resorting to massive amounts of magic. What this comic doesn't cover is that the cost of being one as a starting character (with 1000 CP) would make them a nearly impossible to play character. They would have almost no skills and no ability to fit in anywhere.

Other Knights: Travelers of Karn is copyright 2006 to Dragavan
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