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General News > Travelers of Karn Comics Have Started
Travelers of Karn Comics Have Started
Published by Admin on 2006/10/13 (7472 reads)
After years of sitting stagnant and only being seen by the internal group of the Travelers of Karn themselves, the comedic spoof comics about the fictional exploits of the group have started to be reworked for public consumption. Based on real events, the Travelers of Karn comics exposes the humor of those events by using a fictional group of characters who happen to have the same name. Dragavan, the founder of the real Travelers of Karn, writes and draws this comic in his spare time.

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The fictional Travelers of Karn is a gaming group that was founded over 12 years ago by Tim Randall and some friends. Two of these original members still join Tim at the table today, as the others have moved on. The rest of the cast is made up of an interesting group of players who gather at Tim's house each week to play the latest of their adventures. The story starts out as Tim returns to the table as the Reigning GM for the first time in nearly a year. This break was taken after he had what some called a small breakdown, others said was GM burn-out, and others still referred to a psychotic break... but gamers are known to exaggerate.

None of the characters are true representations of any actual current or former members of the Travelers of Karn, but are instead amalgamations of certain aspects of several members. This allowed Dragavan to take the real events that happened and skew them in ways the real people would never have gone, for better comedic effect. It also helps to keep the real players anonymous and amused, rather than possibly offended by the actions of the comic counterparts.

The character who's closest to his real world counterpart is most likely that of Tim Randall, the leader of the group. Dragavan (who's birth name is not Tim, to quell those rumors now) basically took himself and removed any aspects of himself that didn't involve role-playing in some way to create this character. He also greatly shortened his patience level and gave himself a job he could not afford to have in real life. The comic was first created during the time Dragavan actually had a case of GM burnout and stepped away from the table for several months, leaving the GM duties in the hands of the players.

The rest of the characters are more mixes of multiple people than this. Take the characters of Colin, who is truly a mix of two different players (with a small aspect of a third thrown in). Neither of these former members of the group are much alike at all, but mix these large elements of them together and you get one really fun and entertaining character in the comic. Someone that is allowed to do some rather outrageous things that no real former member would do.

As time allows and when the fancy (or an idea) strikes him, Dragavan will continue to add to the adventures of the group through the "Other Knights: Travelers of Karn" web comic. These can be found right here on this site in the Comics and Humor section of the Information Center. Jump right in and enjoy by clicking on of these three links, or come back regularly and enjoy.
Other Knights: Travelers of Karn is copyright 2006 to Dragavan
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