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Pre-Show Jitters
Published by Dragavan on 2006/10/12 (7718 reads)
Land of Karn Logo By: Dragavan
Pre-Show Jitters
Image of the Comic

Welcome to the first Other Knights: Travelers of Karn comic strip. These are a string of occasional comics loosely based on my real life gaming group (mixing events and members from over 15 years into the fictional roster you see here). No single character here is based on a real person, although elements of most of our former and current members can be found within the strips found here. Much like prime-time courtroom dramas, you can say the stories in these strips are based on real events.

The fictional characters in the game are playing the real version of The Land of Karn: Fantasy Role-Playing Game. All the rules and game related items (other than the names of some locations and NPCs) mentioned in these comics are completely true to the rules of the Land of Karn: Fantasy Role-Playing Game, and can be used as mentioned (at least as of the time of the posting of the comic).

I want to give special thanks to Knights of the Dinner Table (by Kenzer and Company) and Rich Burlew's Giants in the Playground (who brought us Order of the Stick) for inspiring me to take my real life gaming events and presenting them in comic form. Thanks a ton for everything, especially the years of entertainment you have given me.

Other Knights: Travelers of Karn is copyright 2006 to Dragavan
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