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   Harry Potter Book 7 - WARNING SPOILERS

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Harry Potter Book 7 - WARNING SPOILERS
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I finally finished it at 3:30 this morning, then collapsed to sleep before work today. I am not going to write some well thought out thesis, as I am tired and at work, but there is a lot in and about this book I think and feel on both ends of the spectrum. I will do more of a point of interest as they hit me (attempted to keep them in book order).

I loved how it jumped right in with heavy story and action. The opening actually had me falter on my very strong beliefs about Snape (which I was later COMPLETELY vindicated and proven right, even the Lilly love part), For a long time I had thought I had been wrong about him all this time and he WAS actually truly evil and fooled Dumbledore. I never faltered before, and his murder of Dumbledore actually strengthened my beliefs in the last book, so I was shocked that she was able to do it to me this time around.

I loved that Dudley actually shows there is hope for him. He has a soul and can change, unlike his horrible father. The handshake really made me smile.

I actually cried out when Hedwig died. Odd how the death of a pet (and later a non-human, Dobby) affected me far more than any of the Human/Wizard deaths.

The ministry fell, Voldermort was now in control of the government (although through puppets and not declaring himself minister), and Scrimgower being so unceremonially murdered. This was very powerful and scary news to get, especially the way it broke out at the wedding reception and the running began.

After the wedding, however, I felt the book dragged. I know the trio was kind of lost and directionless, not knowing where to go, but I felt the book spent too much time dwelling in this time. I was starting to get tired of the sort of repeating actions of run, wait, found, run, wait, found... Sure, this was a time to learn a lot of information and grow the tension, but it could have been done in far fewer pages.

I know they couldn't call him right away, for fear of him being "followed" if he was being physically held, but why did they never call Kreature in the weeks/months that followed and have him come along with them? He would have made SUCH a good helper through some of that time.

Then, a short ways after the halfway mark in the book, it really picked up again and felt like it was going somewhere once more (even though they were still wandering directionless). Getting to see all these groups of people we knew or knew relatives of from other books felt a little forced at times, but it worked well.

I liked watching the Malfoys sinking further into their sorrow and regret, but without actually changing their nature. They no longer truly believed in the dark lord and his ways, but were not suddenly Dumblefore/Harry supporters either. They were truly selfish to the end.

The battle at Hogwarts was like a who's who from the other six books, even though some of them were just there to have their name mentioned in the book. Plus, the redemption and reunion of Percy was sweet. It was nice to see that everyone was serious about this fight and it was nice to see it was not a stupid "movie fight" where nobody actually gets hurt. It was war and nobody was safe.

Then the whole proven right all along about Snape after all thing. I couldn't believe that she actually got me to falter at the start of the book.

Then came the whole Harry is a Horcrux thing. I was NEVER a fan of this theory and had completely discounted it, but I have to admit she handled it well. Still not sure I liked that it was true, but it was handed so beautifully I can't really groan about it.

And the final battle was great. Molly kicked ass. Neville kicked ass. Harry's confrontation with Tom was perfect. The power with which he spoke and the fear Tom showed at it. It was already well after midnight by that point and I could not stop reading.

And the last chapter, Nineteen Years Later, was so cute and sweet and the perfect way to end the story. Life was back to how it should be. Everything that mattered was good. Malfoy was still a cold self-centered coward and NOT a friend of the Potters.
Ron and Hermione.
Harry and Ginny.

Albus Severus Potter.

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Posted on: 2007/7/23 12:04
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