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Chaz's Intro
Joined: 2007/1/21
Posts: 81
Creation Points : 556
Hit Points : 1 / 25
MEP or PEP : 27 / 1516
Earned Skill Points : 95
Been gaming on and off since the last quarter of the final century of the Second Millenium.

Things I've played:
one shot games of Hunter Planet, Hårn, Werewolf LARP
campaigns of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (haven't played 2e or 3e yet), Champions, Traveller, Vampire, Mage.
Most recently, Land of Karn

I was chillin with my best friend Tim, and he casually suggested that we check out a game he'd been playing for a while.
For this session I was Generic Characer Red.
It was a good experience. Originally intended to just to be a one-shot, but Ralgor willing I shall to return to LoK. (Do I get to roll vx. my Church of Ralgor Lore for that?)
Posted on: 2007/1/21 9:48
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Re: Chaz's Intro
Traveler of Karn
Joined: 2006/9/29
From Howling Bluff, Senton
Posts: 363
Creation Points : 1244
Hit Points : 2 / 32
MEP or PEP : 121 / 3747
Earned Skill Points : 77
It was fun having you here playing a completely different version "Red" than we've had before. I too hope you can make it back, but no you don't get to roll for that. In the meantime I have added you to the "Friends of the Travelers" group that gives you access to some of the Travelers of Karn forums.

If you manage to work it out that you can come back on a regular basis and join the group, I will then add you to the normal Travelers group (which will also give you access to the other Travelers forums and the full interactive rules section, as it grows).
Dragavan: Land of Karn - Dragavan Games - Lootin' Wizards - Dragavan's Den
Posted on: 2007/1/21 14:26
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