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  Dashing Heroes, Daring Deeds, Breathtaking Landscapes... and you?

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Dashing Heroes, Daring Deeds, Breathtaking Landscapes... and you?
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I have been wanting to play some other games for a while now, as many of you already know. This is still the case, as there are numerous Indie games out there that I want to at least experiment with and learn from. The two main ones right now I will describe a little here...

Primetime Adventures (PTA)
Create and play out episodes of your own show. It can be any kind of show our group comes up with during the "pitch session" and our characters are then put through episodes of the show, staring with the pilot. How may episodes are played out depends on what we decide as we go.

Each episode is played out as a series of scenes, along a plot we create as a group. Each scene is suggested by a player, set up the director, played out by the group, and finally concluded by the winner of narration (based on the outcome of the conflict). It's a different kind of gaming from the "classic" style you may be used to and I want to play more.

PTA creates modern TV fiction of all kinds, including anything you want, even stuff like Lost to Buffy to CSI to M.A.S.H. to South Park... only you create it from scratch with whatever plot, style, and characters you want to see happen.

Spirit of the Century (SotC)
It's the 1920s - 1940s. Pulp is king. Everything is over the top. Heroes are larger than life and doing the impossible daily. Villains are bent on world domination and harness powers beyond belief. Daring adventures are the norm for these characters straight out of their own novels and radio plays... And we get to play them.

The game is a lot closer to the "classic" style of game you may be used to, but with a lot of neat new elements that give players a lot of fun control over how the action plays out and what ways their character may be involved in it. The game is built more around "Aspects" of your character that you define, rather than a set of attributes that the game tells you what they do. It's really neat the way it all falls together... plus you get to be pulp heroes in their prime.

SotC emulates the classic Pulp heroes, from novels to radio or even early comics. This is things like The Shadow, Green Hornet, Doc Savage, Black Mask, Tarzan, The Phantom, Dick Tracy, and even more modern takes on it like Indiana Jones, the Mummy movies, The Rocketeer, and Sky Captain.


Both of these games do a great job of creating the feel of different forms of popular fiction, while giving the players and the GM control over the specifics of what that is. There are also several other new games that go farther into the Indie Games world, what some are calling the Story Game market, that I would also love to try, but let's start with these more central ones. Then I can think about trying to get people to try Og, Best Friends, Dread, Mouse Guard, Kayfabe, Don't Rest Your Head, Criminal Element, My Life with Master, The Shab-al-Hiri Roach, The Mountain Witch, With Great Power..., Cat, InSpectres, and more.

So, am I the only one interested in doing this in the Seattle area?
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Posted on: 2009/1/14 22:43
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