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  Playtesting Will Actively Commence Again Soon

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Playtesting Will Actively Commence Again Soon
Traveler of Karn
Joined: 2006/9/29
From Howling Bluff, Senton
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With the new schedule change for our gaming group, the Travelers of Karn, coming soon, we will have a more regular schedule of playtesting new games again soon. The current docket will have only two games on the active playtesting list, but there will be others in the future.

Whispering Bluff: The horror "story game" about personal flaws and fears manifesting to confront you, is the big one that will be tested right now. It is a strong narrative style game with a dark depressing horror feel. It's extremely strong the role-playing and character depth aspects, with the rules mainly being there to help keep you on the right path.

NWG (National Wrestling Game): The big time "Pro Wrestling" game, where audience approval is more important than simply winning the match, is the other game that is in active playtesting right now. It's mostly a numbers and action game with minimal role-playing being enforced by the rules.

There is also always the upcoming expansion for Lootin' Wizards that has been delayed but should be ready relatively soon. Plus several other RPG, Card, and Board games on the back burner. I seen no lack of playtesting potential in the future. Plus, I will have my Saturdays (and most Sundays) free again to work on them, so I hope I can keep a work schedule going on the gaming side.

If you are interested in playtesting or commenting on any of these, then do so. I would love to hear what people have to say.
Dragavan: Land of Karn - Dragavan Games - Lootin' Wizards - Dragavan's Den
Posted on: 2008/9/13 13:08
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  •  Timmer
Re: Playtesting Will Actively Commence Again Soon
Traveler of Karn
Joined: 2006/10/5
From The Basement
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Wednesdays work for me so far. If my schedule explodes, I'll let you and everyone else know. Hope to see others there.
Posted on: 2008/9/22 15:00
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