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  My Own Introduction

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My Own Introduction
Traveler of Karn
Joined: 2006/9/29
From Howling Bluff, Senton
Posts: 363
Creation Points : 1244
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MEP or PEP : 121 / 3774
Earned Skill Points : 77
Well, as the creator and designer of this place I guess it is best that I get things started in this forum by introducing myself to everyone. Sure, I am already level 3 and have more posts than anyone, but it is my site and a small number of those posts were for testing the forums so that is normal.

I am Dragavan. I am (obviously) a writer and designer of games. I have been doing those things for myself and my own amusement most of my life and only recently started to go public with them. My first actual release was Lootin' Wizards (which you can find on RPG Now right now) and The Land of Karn site was put up soon after to show off some of my longest in the works creation.

I am also the leader of the 'Travelers of Karn' gaming group, which was started near on fifteen years ago with three members (which quickly became five and then four), including myself. Even back at the start we used my world that eventually spawned this site. Two of those first four others are still members and gaming with me today, the others joined in later days but together we make a great group.

Outside of this site and gaming I am also a fan of Sci-fi (with some great stuff showing up on TV now, like Lost, Heroes, BSG, and EUReKA! I am a happy camper), I love movies and all kinds of music, and enjoy biking and rollerblading when I have the chance to get out and do them. Right now my main focus is on the games though.

That is what I have to share as my mini-bio here. If you want to know more you will just have to ask. If you want to know where the name comes from, read my novel (once it's published, or in the raw unedited form at my Deviant Art account), otherwise ask away.

Dragavan: Land of Karn - Dragavan Games - Lootin' Wizards - Dragavan's Den
Posted on: 2006/10/21 2:43
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