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  Forum Stats have been "fixed" and other changes

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Forum Stats have been "fixed" and other changes
Joined: 2006/9/29
From Everywhere
Posts: 19
Creation Points : 216
Hit Points : 1 / 22
MEP or PEP : 6 / 474
Earned Skill Points : 9
You may have already noticed that the forums are now showing new stats and we no longer have Zombies. I have also made some smaller cosmetic changes to the site as well (like the way the menu items on the left highlight, and the color levels of the background patterns). And I added two new sections to the site.

The first one being my new Blog. Rather than post my blog posts as documents in the Scrolls and Books section, I have added a WordPress module, which is a real blog program. I am doing my posts there now (and copied all my old ones over as well), but I am leaving the originals where they were in case anyone has linked to them. The new software makes doing the blog easier and lists the things in a more proper blog format. It's the thing named Dragavan's Den on the left there in the Main Menu.

The second addition is a calendar module, which I have named the Kalendar of Karn. I didn't change the names of the days to match Karn, as I want to make the thing actually useful. I started it off by marking all our game days on it, and I plan to add other important days and things on it as well. If there is anything you want added to it, submit it and I will approve it if it belongs here.

While doing these changes I was also poking around in the PHP files for the forums and finally found where ALL the formulas and postings for the fun stats were located. I am no expert in PHP, but I know enough to figure out how to fool around with the formulas. I made sure we won't have any more zombies and I set the levels a bit more balanced for the lower activity levels of our forums. You still have to post a lot to keep the bars full, but at least there will almost always be something there. In the process I also changed the listings to fit more in line with the Land of Karn.

Level has been replaced with larger numbers I call "Creation Points", as in how many it takes to make your forum avatar as a character. Each time you post the number should go up slightly, but how much it goes up changes each time your ESP bar fills up and empties. To have a have around 250 posts to reach the normal "average" character level of 1000 CP.

HP is the same, but Hit Points is now fully written out and the numbers are lower (much like in LoK). Your current level is based on posts per day, so the more often you post the higher your current level will be, but I made it so it should never drop to 0 again. The max level is mostly based on your current Creation Points.

MP has been replaced with a variable stat that represents your MEP or PEP (depending on whichever you want to say you are trained in). The level has also been flattened a lot to keep it from going up so high so fast. Your current level is mostly based on how long you have been a member of the site (with a slight boost based on your Creation Points). Your current level is purely based on how many posts you make. It would require a hell of a lot of posting to fill this bar, but it should never be too low either.

EXP has been replaced with the only thing that even comes close to such a thing in The Land of Karn, Earned Skill Points (ESP). This has not been changed in any way other than name. It slowly fills up with each post and when it does you "spend" them as your Creation Points rise. Since I changed the way Creation Points (formerly Level) display, this has become relatively meaningless (although the old level number still exists in the background and this still affects that).

Fun stuff. I hope you all like the new, more active and fitting stats. For those who actually want to know more about the numbers game, I will post a few pieces of the formulas used make them work, in common writing and not math formulas. This doesn't include all the fiddly bits, rounding, and coding tricks, so they aren't going to be exact matches for what you see. Besides, what would be the fun if you could know exactly what it was going to be.

Max Hit Points: Almost completely based on CP/100 plus base level (which I set to 8)
Current Hit Points: Mostly based on posts per day ratios (with 2 to 1 being "full")
Max MEP/PEP: This is a fraction of Days of Membership times a fraction of CP
Current MEP/PEP: This is simply the number of posts divided by 3
Posted on: 2008/3/5 4:49
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