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Races Are Done
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In the Rules Wiki (still not available to non-Travelers) the races have been finished. They are now all complete, including all three pages for each of them (with the exception of the one sub-race, the Fenrak, which only has one), all racial skills, and all languages. This also included adding a few Races back into the mix that had been previously written out for space and region concerns within the printed book plans.

I would love anyone willing to take a look at them and read through them for clarity, mistakes, dangling questions, or anything else that you think might need some cleaning or rework. Do not hesitate to comment and ask questions (we have an entire section of the forums for questions).

This now means I will be moving on to the next part of the Encyclopedia, which is going to be more random. So many of the listings are interconnected (drugs made from plants that are pollinated by animals which are used to make tools and so on). I may do strings of related things instead of just doing animals, or plants, or drugs, or whatever next. We will see. It may also mean jumping around alphabetically too. Who knows.

All in all, I just would love to have some feedback, so it doesn't feel like I am doing this in a vacuum. Also, any artwork based on the descriptions given would be great. I can't wait until I can get some art up on the site in places, especially the Encyclopedia.
Posted on: 2007/12/16 1:05
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