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Shel's Intro

Subject: Shel's Intro
by ShelG on 2008/9/25 13:49:48

I cut my gaming teeth on the first edition D&D solo adventure Gate to Lion's Castle I got the Christmas my parents took us to Disneyland. In fourth grade, I was the only girl in my first gaming group and I got kicked out by the DM's mom. She said I was, "Distracting." It's true that the DM let me get the hang of things by playing an NPC way more powerful than anyone else — the goddess Isis.

For the past decade, my current gaming group, six strong, has been playing Mage, mostly. We rotate GMs and tell our own stories. I've played werewolves, changelings, vampires, and a numbers of mages with varied personalities. One way or another, they all tend to be impulsive.

I'm a writer with a lot of geek cred known to buy comics in Everett. I like Halloween parties and play testing. I'd pick teleportation and the ability to stop time as my superpowers, and then mundanely use them to eliminate my commute and spend more time writing fiction.

— Shel
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