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Re: Harry Potter Book 7 - WARNING SPOILERS

Subject: Re: Harry Potter Book 7 - WARNING SPOILERS
by Dragavan on 2007/7/26 23:33:12


Guyhodges wrote:
I was a little confused about why the Elder Wand would of chosen Draco as its new owner... I mean I followed the logic up to and after that... its probably in the book, but I just read like 300 pages to the end and can't bring myself to look it up.

I can understand how one can get confused a little through the whole thing (especially if you aren't a crazy fan who listens to the audiobooks every night when going to bed). I was listening to PotterCast today (They recorded it on sunday after one reading of the book) and they were even discussing the whole thing about the owner of the wand, because some of them were confused about it.

So let me try and set the order of events clear for everyone. This in order of events, not the order we learn of them in the books (since most of this is learned later in book 7 after most of it has actually happened).

Grindelwald was defeated by Dubmbledore (but not killed) and he became the owner of the wand (both by right and physically). Then a LONG period of time passed.

In book 6, after becoming weakened by the potion protecting the locket, Dumbledore and Harry land on the top of the tower at Hogwarts. The door bursts open to reveal Draco Malfoy, who has his wand out. Instead of defending himself, Dumbledore is just able freeze harry (hidden under his invisibility cloak) before becoming disarmed by Draco's Expeliarmus. Unable to stand and at the mercy of Draco Dumbledore admits defeat (but then tries to get Draco to change his ways and offers him and his family protection). This is the point that the Elder Wand changed rightful ownership to Draco, but he doesn't take physical ownership of it.

Snape comes through before anything else happens and shortly after kills Dumbledore. The wand does not change hands here, since Draco in the rightful owner and not Dumbledore. The wand is buried with Dumbledore and left there until later in Book 7 when it is taken by Voldermort.

After traveling aimlessly for far too many chapters the trio (Harry, Hermione, and Ron) are captured by Death Eaters and taken to the Malfoy mansion, which is the temporary headquarters of the Death Eaters. In their bid to escape Harry defeats Draco, disarms him, and escapes. Even though Draco does not have the Elder Wand (aka Death Stick) in his possession he looses rightful ownership of it, which passes onto Harry.

So when the final battle comes to pass and Voldermort confronts Harry with the Elder Wand in hand it doesn't work right against its rightful master. Harry feels no pain, suffers no death, and easily disarms Voldermort in battle while facing it. He then finally claims it physically, becoming both the rightful owner and possessor of the Elder Wand (aka Wand of Destiny).

Then we have it being returned to Dumbledore's tomb, where it will stay forever (if they can help it). So if Harry lives a long life without serious conflict ending in his defeat and dies a natural death the wand will be permanently disarmed and have no master ever again. The power of it being gone forever.
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