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Setting Information – "Light" World

The World of Mist and Light

The first noticed and most recognizable element of the "Light" world is that there is constant white light filtering through thick white fog everywhere. The light seems to be that of a sunny day, but not coming from any direct space in the sky. It seems to actually filter through the mist as if it was coming from all around, muting everything through the absence of almost all noticeable shadows. This gives a disturbingly bland look to everything from large empty spaces to areas filled with complex items and architecture.

The fog or mist is very thick and unmoving, since there is a complete absence of wind, and nearly impossible to see too far through it. It is pure white and seems to flow into and through everything in the world, including all structures and tunnels. It does seem to be slightly less thick inside, but not absent and impossible to get rid of. The whole world is shrouded in it at all times.

Out in the world the fog is so thick that only things within about ten feet being able to seen with any real detail. Beyond that they will star to lose detail quickly and become silhouettes within the white mist. Things past thirty feet out will be completely obscured and hidden by the white out of the mist itself. Bright lights will not allow one to see farther though it, but they can be seen from farther away. The distance a light can be seen through the mist depends on the power of that light, with even the most powerful fog-lights and lighthouse lights not visible past much shorter than normal distances (perhaps even as little as a hundred feet). Inside these distances will be slightly longer, but in most cases this is unimportant since you are inside generally smaller spaces.

The light that filters through the fog also seems to get into almost all places as well, leading many to eventually believe that the mist itself emanates the light. There is some logic to this, as it seems that the larger the area is and the more mist that fills it, the brighter the light is (up to a normal daylight level). While smaller and closed in areas that have less mist contained within seem to be dimmer, but still lit from somewhere beyond the mist. Since there is no way to get out of the mist and see beyond it, the answer to this will never be known.

Sound is also greatly affected by the mist, making everything that comes from farther away sound filtered and muffled. In general there is a strange lack of sound, creating an eerie silence when you just stand there and listen. This makes sounds that do happen stand out, even if they are simple and common ones that would normally be overlooked. This also makes a person more aware of the sounds their own bodies, and the people around them, make. Heartbeats, pant legs rubbing together, footfalls, breathing, and more all become the soundscape of their world. It's like they are living in a sensory deprivation chamber when it comes to sound.

The only senses that don't seem to be muted in this world are those of touch and smell. The mist can be felt on your skin, slightly moist and cool, but cold. The world seems to be a humid cool place that isn't exactly uncomfortable, but isn't a nice temperature. Due to this it also smells musty and wet at all times. The exact type of smell depends on where you are, so it can be damp earth, wet wood, musty old rooms, mold, or other such smells, but there is always something in the air.

Made of Aged Reality

The world that is shrouded in the mist is very similar to the "Real" world of Whispering Bluff that they saw before being sucked into this one. It is mostly made of wood and glass, with some brick and stone elements and buildings here and there. The main difference is the state it is in. This world looks older and longer abandoned. The paint is all faded and peeling. The colors of everything is muted, with almost nothing being bright and standing out, even if they were brightly colored in the "Real" world. There are often patches of moldy or dry rotted wood found within buildings, and stone and brick areas are chipped and covered with moss, mold, or other gross films.

There is very little metal in the world, and even things that were metal in the "Real" world are often not here. Chain link fences are replaced with wood plank fences. Metal beams are replaced with wood beams where they can be. Metal railing is replaced with wood. And so on. The only common places you will still see metal is the sewer grates on the street and the street lamp poles (even though no light comes from them). Generally, these will be metal that is painted, which is now faded and peeling.

There are also some areas of the world that are different from the "Real" world of Whispering Bluff. Certain things in this world seem like they once existed in the area but were lost to time, only now they are back in this reality. Then there are those that seem misplaced, but do belong to the town, like buildings in places they weren't in the "Real" world or walls and fences that create new barriers and shapes, some of which act as "dens" for creatures or hiding places of other inhabitants. Some even seem to be strange constructions or creations that don't fit into any reality, but are actually there due to some character or story specific reason.

The natural world of the valley is mostly exactly as it was, with trees and bushes growing out of the dirt and rock, only they seem to be slightly more overgrown and wild. Common trails and roads will be less distinct and overgrown, as if nature was taking them back. Cultivated land, such as those found in gardens, will be filled with dead stalks and empty dirt. Nothing that was artificially planted in the "Real" world grows here, at least for long. The trees around town are all dead dark husks with no leaves and long drooping branches, for they are not natural to the valley either.

The world is also filled with discarded litter, broken items, and elements of abandoned life. Cars can be seen empty and broken along the sides of the roads, but far fewer of them than should be in a town like this. Fragments of broken glass litter the insides of most shops, even if their windows are not broken. Broken pieces of old toys, tools, boxes, and other items will be scattered around where garbage collects. Pieces of paper, mostly flyers and pages from books, litter the streets outside, as if they were blown there by some wind that you happened to miss.

All in all, the town looks like a classic old town that was once inhabited long ago, but has been left abandoned in a rush. Years, or even decades, of age can be seen on everything. It looks as if nothing existed here for a long time, abandoned at a moments notice and in a rush. The town then sat quietly empty until you came along.

Players and Characters in the "Light" World

Although the players will be coming from the "Real" world, this world will be their general "home" or base in the game. This is where they will first be introduced to the fact that they are no longer in the world as they knew it. This is where they will be spending most of their time (at least at first) and learning about what happened to them and where they are. This is also the most stable and constant of the two main game worlds. It always looks the same for all characters and always includes the same basic inhabitants. And although the character's own fears and flaws can influence what happens here, it is far less powerful than in the "Dark" world.

Player characters will have more direct control and power in this world. Unless they have some specific powers or fears that tie into this world (which they would have chosen at character creation time), player characters are also going to be stronger and safer here. They are actually going to be able to find places they can rest and hide, perhaps even find places that have been made safe from the onset of the change to the darkness. After a while, some payers may even learn to control this place in small ways, but this is difficult and rare.

This world is also the location of where most of the other "normal" inhabitants of these worlds will be most active and interact with the other players. These are basically other people that were pulled from the "Real" world and trapped here in the worlds of Whispering Bluff. Some of them may have been here for a long time and learned the ways of the realm, which allows the, to understand the "secrets" of how it all works better and survive. Others may be just as lost and confused as the players, having only arrived here recently (before or even after the player characters have).

These other people should be relatively limited in number, but the timeframes of when they got here can be played about with. Time does not move in these other worlds the same as it does in the "Real" world. Some of them could have been lost from the "Real" world week, months, or perhaps even years ago, but to them they have only been in this realm for what feels like days or weeks. Time is hard to tell since there is no normal day and night schedule here, but that is only complicated by the fact that there is no real measure of time here either. Players who try to measure time, or have a character who wears a watch, can get some idea of how time passes within the world, but that will have no relation to how much passes outside it.

Creatures of the White

In addition to the people who live in the world, or even those simply passing through it, there are the creatures that live in the mist. Relatively speaking, there are a lot fewer creatures that live in the "Light" world than in the "Dark" world, but there are still a lot of them and many of them are aggressive towards the intruders that are the player characters. Most of these creatures are those that feel at home in the bright and dreary world of the "Light" world.

The majority of the creatures are things that would be somewhat familiar to the characters, as they are simply deformed oversized small animals and insects. They have odd shapes and looks, but are still very recognizable as what they are, although they may have some special abilities not common to their "Real" world kin. Many of them live in groups, like swarms or insects or packs of dogs, which makes them even more dangerous.

The "Light" world is also home to ghosts and other less tangible horrors of these worlds. Some invisible and can only be heard or seen through their affects on the world, but others are quite visible and horrific in appearance. Several of them could be directly connected to flaws and fears of the characters, but there are also others who just live in the world. Some might not even be aggressive unless disturbed, stuck living their lives over and over in the horrific state they died in.

There are also some of the darker horrors from the "Dark" world that have made their way into the "Light" world as well. These are relatively rare, and tend to be the weaker common creatures, but their horrific appearance is always jarring in the light of day. For more about them, see the description of the type of creatures that are found in the dark.

There are also the character driven creatures, based on the fears and flaws of the characters themselves. These only appear here if their flaws or fears are related to things that this world has its feet in. If they are related to the depressing and desolate nature of the white, they may find themselves manifest here. These creatures will become the greatest enemies of the characters who spawned them.

Emotional Influences on the Feel

The main thing to keep in mind when dealing with the "Light" World is that is a place of depression and loss. It feels cold and desolate. It is a mostly dead and empty world, for the most part. Even those people and things hat exist here are cold and distant, mostly unspeaking creatures that make little sound. This means that people's minds are more at risk than their bodies here.

The ever present fog, cool temperatures, high humidity, and relatively dreary look of anything all work together to create this emotional mood of depression in a tangent form. The empty state and relative quiet nature of the place gives feelings of desolation and loss. Another emotion that ties well into this world is sadness, which will show and permeate every living thing that is met here.

The very state of the place itself may pose the greatest threats to the characters health, as it can wear down their minds with the desolation and depression of the place. Any flaws or fears that connect these areas will be tapped into and used to try and eat at them, to weaken them and prepare them to be taken by the darkness. Characters who die here may even become one of the ghosts that haunt the vast emptiness of the land.

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