Re: Growing the Seed of a new game

Posted by Dragavan on 2008/5/13 23:33:28
With the completion of the basic background information for the "real" world pretty much done (as I am only doing the clipping and items for the most part), I have moved onto doing the backgrounds for the main two worlds of the game play. They are not exactly something I can completely describe and map out, as they will change depending on the characters the players will, but I still have to give more than enough good information.

I am starting with the "Light" world, which is the more stable and constant of the two, but then will move onto the "Dark" world. As I said in my blog, these are going to be more descriptive. Although what I am doing right now is a description of them, I wanted to sit down and talk about the ideas with some of my core friends and playtesters (who I think would appreciate what I am doing) before I set things in stone.

Once I get more written down I will be posting it to a couple places, including here (most likely) to get opinions of others too. Hopefully I will get some at some point.

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