Re: Growing the Seed of a new game

Posted by Dragavan on 2008/5/8 16:29:05
I've been working on some of the setting stuff. Writing excerpts from books about the area, newspaper clippings, interview transcripts, official documents, and advertisements. This is how I think I am going to do the "real world" background information in the game. Since it's only really needed for the beginning of the game, where you figure out how your character was called to the town and sucked into the other worlds. Don't need to write a huge detailed section, just a bunch of things to get people hooked into going there.

So far I have a number of texts written in this format (which I have some of my writer friends looking at in a writers forum), but I though I would share something I made with you guys. I plan on making a 1950s brochure for one of the Inns in the town that used to be popular there. So I drew a picture of the Inn on the lake and aged it to make it look like something that would have been found in an old Brochure. Let me know what you think.

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