Growing the Seed of a new game

Posted by Dragavan on 2008/4/28 18:20:34
The last couple game sessions we've have not been set in Karn or using the LoK system (as those who showed up know). Instead it was a post-apocalyptic survival/horror story using a very simple system we created just for the story. It went well and the system had some good points and bad points (but has certain things about I am going to expand upon).

What it did do was spark a whole new idea for a game I want to make. It will be a smaller system and setting that LoK is, so I think I may just work on this new one through to finish before LoK gets completed. This idea just really wants to come out at the moment. The darkness/horror of it really appeals to me right now.

I don't have anything to really share about right now, as it is literally just a series of notes and no form at the moment. The structure idea/feel comes from many sources (including Silent Hill, The Mist, Hellraiser, Night Breed, Cthuhlu, Nightbane, and more), but I like the idea of there being layers of reality and darkness. Evils that grow as the tension grows, culminating in an explosion of darkness when things get too bad.

The system is based on a "betting" die pool on top of base attributes. The more you bet, the greater your chance of success, but the more you risk losing if you fail. Plus there is the central group die pool that is the darkness level. Over time you add dice to it. When it is rolled you see how bad things get by how many 1s are rolled.

I think my Blog post this week (late because I have been drugged up the last couple days due to passing a kidney stone... which may also have added to my mindset with this game) will be about the birth of a game in a sudden rush of ideas like this.

No sure what else to say at the moment, just felt the need to share it.

I would like to brainstorm with some of you about this soon. Call me or perhaps we can get together at some point.

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