Re: Shel's Intro

Posted by Timmer on 2008/9/29 23:58:33
Welcome Shel!

Sorry about being slow on the draw about welcoming you; I guess I'm down-right lazy or at least half-assed in my approach... maybe it's the whole 'opening up my lap-top and going to the website and logging in... etc' that get's me all tuckered out.
I'm not sure what superpower I would have... the power to control time and space would be a bit much for me; trying to fix historical wrongs and save kittens from trees would be endless and would eventually take it's toll. I would be mush by mid-afternoon. Maybe I'm just 'LazyMan'... 'unable to leap a chaise lounge in a single bound'. Meh! It's too high to jump, I think I'll just lay here...

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